Living Without Lighting
2021-04-15 07:43:11 (UTC)

Galactic Bowling

I know it's called "Cosmic" Bowling however, out of all the words in the entire English language, the word "galaxy" has to be one of my top five favorites. With that tangent aside, Jay and I went to our local bowling alley tonight to perform said activity, a pre-covid pastime that I hadn't experienced for over a year. It was fun, there's something about the smell of lane wax combined with the hollow tumble of bowling pins that always gets the mind ready for a good time. I met Jay through bowling, so it felt like the good old days.

Aside from that, I shared with Graham some of my last few entries today. He says that I write eloquently and have a talent for writing my life from an analytical perspective. I felt grateful for such a compliment, and I decided to share with him the "college" entry that I wrote a few days ago. While doing so, I caught a look on his face that triggered my anxiety. It was stern, however whether it was out of attentiveness or opinion I don't know. I write rather critically of myself from time to time, yet sometimes I fear these perceptions rub off on others as well. I believe I'm just overthinking again.

I didn't really write anything for my agenda today as it's my day off, and as a result, nothing much got done. Here, let's write out tomorrow's:

9:00 AM - Wake up for zoom class.

12:00 PM - Test drone gimbal w/ ND filters (I'm suspecting that my replacement drone may have a tilting issue with the camera).

1:45PM - Haircut

Homework? If not, finish after job.

5 - 9:30 PM - Work

Not that it matters, but for ASMR's sake I've typed this entry out on my gaming keyboard, rather than my little laptop. It's noisy as hell, but in a way I like it. I wonder if my family can hear me downstairs, click-clacking away at god knows what, like how walking by an industrial complex you can hear machinery but don't exactly know what they're manufacturing.

Until next time...