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2021-04-15 07:02:23 (UTC)

something new

well i have come here after little long time, isnt it? because I was caught up and I had someone to talk to. Its been a month i guess we are away from house. we stayed at my aunts place and now at my sis's place. It was quite a change for mom and I.
To talk abt a new person whom i talk to I guess I had mentioned. A guy from OK Cupid. I kind of like him he is a poised, gentle and soft spoken guy. He is different, as he guides me, helped me remake my CV and he always motivates and uplifts me. well, his relationship status is quite complicated and just knowing him as of now. But would not mind taking it ahead with him, as i find him sweet and smart. I dont know whats in his mind... but we both gel nicely on call, chats and videos.
lets see..