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2021-04-14 04:30:58 (UTC)

Failed social experiment 😒

So I tried something. A little social experiment of sorts. Most people don't know what I do for work. I just say basic stuff like IT or Networking and that's usually enough because most of my friends are not into that. Anyway, I tried something just to see. Been doing the youtube thing so I thought I'd give it a try. Results were not ideal. It made me a little sad actually but it did make me see a little better.

I told someone what I do a bit more specific but this time I also mentioned my pay, benefits, and retirement plan. This was on purpose and I wanted too see if that made a difference in my friendship and/or romantic life. Well, I didn't even need to wait a week. The person I told this too told me I shouldn't waste my retirement in case I pass away. You see, I can set up my retirement plan so that my spouse will get my retirement should I pass away. Well, I'm not married so there is no spouse to pass it along to so the point is mute. Yet, this "friend" tells me that I should be able to pass my retirement along to someone else and I shouldn't waste it by not passing it on to anyone. As time passed, she all of a sudden has been chatting with me like 10x more than before and her tone and texting has changed.

Later, a close friend of hers started texting me a bit more too. She asked me out again and wanted me to go out with her.....and her son! Well what the heck is that? You don't date and bring your Son out with you. Maybe in time and after awhile, that's when you introduce your kiddos. Oh yeah, she is a single Mom so it's not a weird triangle thing. I put two-and-two together and figured she knew too. She's good friends with the woman I told about my work.

This sucks and makes me a little sad. They've known me for a few years and never really gave me much attention except as good friends and that's more than fine with me. I did this just to see and I see what happened. This means my morals, humor, ethics, hobbies, intergrity, honesty, dependability, hamster wheel spinning around in my head, and basically my overall character that I've been as a friend to these two women all these years meant nothing to them? Only when they know what my pay and benefits are then all of a sudden they want me for maybe something special? I thought what I show is pretty good and enough to bring on the table for a possible relationship. So all these things I am mean nothing and only because of my current financial status info makes me a better person now?

So yeah.. got me down a little bit but it's something I needed to learn and know. I didn't even reply to the other lady that wanted me to go out with her ad her kiddo. Nope, not going that way. Surprising myself actually. She is pretty cute too and I'm not wanting to go out with her? Some people would slap me telling me to wake the heck up. Blond, blue eyes, and a little overweight but it's mostly on her butt and it actually makes her look hotter so she is more than yummy enough to physically. I forgot what her ethnicity is. Some European Country but I don't recall what she said.

That's all I got for now. All I can do is keep striving to better myself and stay as happy as I can. For sure, no more of these experiments.
From the guy that apparently has a hidden heart, later diary.