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2021-04-13 20:37:04 (UTC)

Love how the body can heal itself 😘

The day went by so quickly once again. Work was constructive. Play was just as good. Got home and was able to do some cleaning. Boy!!!! Work was busy once again. Non-stop brain churning. I loved it. We are progressing on our virtual building of 8 Juniper switches and learning how to make it tick. More of the same tomorrow so it should be a pretty good week unless bossman opens his mouth and throws a wrench into things.

Gym was way different today. Today, we did a lot of things but not all pushups. Rowers, RDL, bear crawl with 25 lb weights on each hand (I was grunting like a bear on this too no because of me wanting the side effects but it was just hard to do. lol), Over the shoulder slam ball toss ( I tried to sandbag it but coach caught me and gave me a heavier slam ball). Today was a much better overall workout. After class, we hung out outside once again. We're talking about our shoes of all things and which ones are better. Most got Nikes. Some have New Balance. I'm one of the few that love Under Armor. They last a lot longer too. I had Asics once ($150) and it lasted 3 months. Now my UA lasts as long as 9 months before I beat them up. Much better feeling and longer lasting too. Then we talked about our 2nd shot coming up. You know, the DNA mind making shot. Funny, we all by coincidence will be getting our 2nd shot this month on the 22nd. So we'll so how messed up we are that day because we all intend to go to class that day. I heard the 2nd one messes you up. We shall see as we have at least three guinea pigs that will be there that day. So I got this thing I've been buying and passing it out to the gym peeps that are wearing paper masks. It's an insert that keeps your lips away from the mask and it's helped out a bunch of us. I think I passed out a dozen now and I laugh because they are actually bringing it to class each and every time. When they realize they forgot it, they run back to their car as class starts and brings it back to use. This is it. If you wear a mask when you workout, get this and thank me later. It's much easier to breath when you have it I promise especially when your mask is soaked from working out.

Anyway, it's the end of the day and I get to chill at home now Just doing some laundry, dinner and watching some show. Cleaning during commercials seems to keep me somewhat productive and caught up at home. Unlike before when a commercial would last only for a min, now it can last for what seems like forever and I can get a lot more done :)

Still leaning on not going to Maui. Wrong timing. I have my truck thing to do and I still want to buy another Hobie kayak so.... gotta take Maui off the table.

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