Do Not Disturb

2021-04-11 22:48:38 (UTC)

All Of A Sudden

I haven't heard from him since yesterday and now all of a sudden he says his phone has been stolen because he went to the store and he forgot something so he sat it down and by the time he got back it was to late. And I asked him what phone he got he said he got the same phone. Do I even wanna believe him ? Yes ? And No ? Maybe he's telling the truth. Maybe he isn't. I went to Top Golf and I didn't get any points until after the second round of the game and this was everyone's first time golfing but it was fun. Next time I would know what to do when I go and I might just go on my birthday in October. It was great to get out of my hometown though. But so far I'm loving the book that I got from Amazon. I also found the person that wrote the book on Youtube and been watching him and him giving advice ever since. I might just subscribe I'm not sure. He's a very good looking man though so maybe that's why. Haha. Lol ! :]


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