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2021-04-13 09:39:22 (UTC)

Hard week! 😖

Hard week for sure. I wish it was a fun kind of hard but nope, non-sexual hard although I still have that issue in the morning. It's been hard at work and play. Not sure what the heck is going on this week but everything around me is going like 100 mph!! What the what is going on?! 🤯

For starters, work is crazy busy. I'm assisting with a project this time but it's a big project. Learning new things on this hardware I'm not all that familiar with yet. So we stayed up late last Friday as a team trying to figure things out. There were like 4 of us. Yeah.. It's been non-stop for a week on this thing. Today we are going to be knee deep in it again. My brain cells are working on overtime!! hehe. I'm not a young gun anymore. I also have my lab I created with 4 Juniper qfx switches that will be deployed in the near future. Taking advantage of the situation by using it as a lab before it get's deployed.

Don't know what's going on with our gym but yesterday was a stupid session. Everyone complained about it being too tough. Even the veteran hard core gym peeps. The majority of the class was pushups and planks. My arms felt like they were gonna pop outta my socket. It was tougher for me because of my neck surgery and I could feel the strain my shoulders were putting on my neck area. Also, my right arm was hurting because I popped my right arm out sorta once a long time ago. I think I need another pain killing shot from the Dr. on it soon. I think I need one every six months and it's been 8 months now? I try not to get it but it's way past the recommended six months so it's time. But yesterdays' crossfit session wasn't thought out well whomever set it up. Also, my friend told me we did an 8 mile hike last Saturday. I think it still had an effect on me yesterday.

Today? I wake up with some pain. I dropped something on the floor and realized when I picked it up that I have a lot going on today! haha. The pain of doing one squat was a rude awakening. So today, I will stagger and slowly get from point a to b. I praying like heck to heal quickly because I'll be back to my gym class at 5:30 today and it's only day two of my normal 5 for the week. ugh.....

The only bright side yesterday was with Steph. She's the one that asked for my number and started playing silly games with me. She came to my station when we divided the class in groups of 5. She does have a nice butt. So we flirted some more yesterday. Nothing else. If she expects me to call her, I can't. I already deleted her number. lol. Did't realize I may be an "ass man?" lol. Anyway, after class we all stood outside and did our normal socializing talking about anything and everything. The guy I don't get along all too well with was complaining about another coach. I myself like that coach because he taught me and corrected so many of my mistakes early on. Probably saved me from getting injured so I like him. Well, they were talking about him and complaining about him. This one guy is just an instigator. Don't like his vibes at all. I took the high road and told them that coach teaches me well and corrects my mistakes so he and I are good.

No meetings this morning so I'm taking an ever so slightly longer morning coffee zen moment :)

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