London Life
2021-04-13 15:22:43 (UTC)

Left my keys in the house

Did a 20.4km run along the canal and back along the Thames Path, trying again to get under Tower Bridge, before realising you can’t actually get out on the West side. So I crossed the river and ran along the South Bank as far as London Bridge, which you can’t get under on the South side, a bit frustrating considering that the bridge wasn’t built until about 1970. I phoned Jack when I was nearly home, and it was while I was on the phone I realised I’d forgotten to take my keys out with me. I’d been looking forward to sitting down on our comfy sofa, having a shower and some food before cycling to Southwark.

Jack had already left for his sister’s house, so I would have to follow him there. I considered first going to help at Southwark farm as planned, but I was only wearing a running top, so I just would have got too cold. If this had happened tomorrow, when all shops are allowed to re-open, I could have bought a cheap jumper and jacket. Anyway if I’d gone to the farm I would still have had to go to Jack’s parents afterwards, as he wouldn’t be home by that time. But there would have been less time to get bored by his family.

So I got the train, and was really cold when I got off, but I ran to Jack’s sister’s house which warmed me up. It was her birthday and his sister had got another posh new dress, slit up the leg and showing off her boobs – while I was in my running top and skirt, and trainers. Sarah turned up, looking gorgeous, and she brought her two-year old child who was entertaining. I then ran to Jack’s parents’ house, wearing his cardigan, while he cycled. His two sisters started drinking but didn’t get too annoying. Luke was watching a Tottenham match on his phone.

Jack’s mum lent us another cardigan but we didn’t really need it, I ran back to the station and also ran home when we got back to London, still wearing Jack’s cardigan. I had been looking forward to an evening on my own at home to catch up on some laptop stuff, but the day with his family hadn’t been as boring and annoying as it is sometimes, and I talked to Marie a bit as well as reading the Observer online. Unfortunately I restarted my phone, and now it won’t accept the log-in code.

Spent the morning sorting out pictures of sexy Instagram girls and transferring them from my online photo album to my cloud drive. At lunchtime we cycled down to the office to pick up the jacket I left there more than a year ago, when we were last working there. There were a couple of people working at the desks, which were so spaced out that the capacity of the office must be no more than 25% of what it used to be, given that one of the three floors has been passed on to another.

We looked for somewhere to eat, given that from today restaurants and cafes are allowed to serve you at outside seating. We checked Strutton Ground, where there’s a new vegan restaurant opening soon, but not yet, then looked at Seven Dials and Tottenham Court Road, where we saw a street-food vegan stall which is opening tomorrow.

We’d already got back to Euston Road when Jack suggested going to Moreish, which we’d noticed on the way down, were now using their outside seats. We got soups (the other food being too spicy for me last week) and then ice cream, while watching men putting up scaffolding opposite. I got back to work late but there wasn’t much going on.

In the evening I cycled over to Hollybush. I waited for a bit at the community centre, then went over to the gardens where I saw Elmear, who said the gardens were the address on the listing. Amanda passing by. She was going to a third address, which she also said was the one listed. Hannah came to join us, but in the end we realised Amanda was right.

After getting into a chatty mood with all that, I had a good time weeding with Leo, Hannah and Becky, the best chat I’ve had for a while. It wasn’t until the end that I saw Jo, who I hadn’t seen since a mission where we were warned afterwards that one of the participants had tested covid-positive.

I went to get my bike from the shed afterwards and popped into the Ladies’, where I nearly left my gardening gloves which I’d only bought at 16:45. We managed to watch the extended ‘Have I Got News For You’, with David Tennant and Jack Dee, which was a good episode and justified its extended length, this time. Perhaps because it was the first of the series so they'd got more material. I’d made some majadra while Dragon’s Den was on.