If I die today
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2021-04-13 05:28:51 (UTC)

Did I hear that?

This morning I came across a video on A Call for an uprising. People are bieng left on islands with volcanic exsplosions if they do not have the jab- so if you dont got your shot you will not be rescued. Well crap I have a 90year fight Its gonna be a long life for me but I'm not gonna go down that easy. So anyhow the plan is still to live to 125 to piss everyone off who wants me to die. Last night I slept but I was so scared going to sleep. All kindsa anxious I did try one (or half of ) the White claw surges and I did smoke a little but I layed down arounf at it was after 930 I took 1 melation of 3mg quick dissolve.. (the one's I'm convinved are evil) I thought it would reset my sleep the melation so I wouldnt keep oversleeping perhaps it would increase the quality of my sleep. but anyhow I was paranoidish IDk When I feel asleep. I kept hearing or thinking I was hearing either fighting or partiing outside but notihng that was convincing enough for me to call the police I woke up a little after 5. I'm on cup 2 of real coffee. The winds are high today so planning a day in. Oh so I had my drink yesterday to celebrate.. I paid 1500 and hired this attorney to represnt me. There will be more payments but he thinkg my husband is in Orgeon and he thinks he's still "minstering"-- claiming to be a minister. I agrreed to get the divorce if possible leave him the debt on the apartment from 2017 and a protective order if its free. I didnt tell the atty that I hve a boyfriend bc I think they'll just see $$$ if they think I have a bf. I feel safer with nDea so I really dont think theyre be a threat to my well being. The divorce cannont be finalized for 91days after filed so its a process . I gotta start living reall cheap or maybe the Gov't will threw me another bone stimulus to cover the next fee for this matter. the paralega cost 150 and hour I have a discounted hourly rate on thee attorney of 325 an hour opposed to the 350an hour regualr rate. Oh there was sex last night but sorta clumsy bc well IDK we're specail but it was great. WE had tony's tacos for dinner I ordered chicken IDK what I got but it had some weird red sauce on it and flavor so I traded my love for his beef. My mouth did get sore but maybe I ate something spicy or imagined that. IDK . Last night as I was laying down there was something I knew I wanted to mention if I die today but crap now I have no idea what. oh so nDea's job is perfectly secure althou hes not the biggest fan of the job the other maintmence at the other complesx is leaving he found that out a few days ago and the other complex's office quit to so we will see what sorta chaios breaks out here or not IDK I'll be happy if my manager takes a few days over at the other property. I ate breakfast and took my first vitimain -- d3 with iodine. Letting that sink in then my workout and then getting busy on some chores. so thats pretty much all thats new here today

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