Tamra Rene or Kaitlyn Anne

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2021-04-13 09:57:56 (UTC)

Tamra has no idea of what happened lastnigh

Tamra drank like twenty beers and lost her mind. That girl got drunker than Cooter Brown and took her anger out on my DOG because of that woman tat lives next door to us coming in our house while she was sleeping off a drunk. I wasn't here when that happened. I would have got our Dad's old 12-Gauge double barrel shotgun out on her. Tamra hurt my dog so bad that he flinches when I pet him. I keep hearing distant thunder like it might rain. Hopefully we can catch enough rain water since we have no running water due to a broken pipe under the house. The water we bought at the store is just about gone, there's enough for one more pot of coffee and I will be damned if I go and buy anymore while it is raining. I need a bath before I go anywhere off the property. I just heard her scream that there is a rattlesnake out in the yard. BYE