Living Without Lighting
2021-04-13 08:11:10 (UTC)

Getting It Together

Today I did the unthinkable. While I had put if off for well over a week, today I finally went to Staples to buy myself a daily planner. While I was there, I took a look at the "diaries" they had and needless to say, I'm always perturbed when I do so. First of all, it's the amount of money they charge merely because of the label on the cover. Just because it says "diary" on it, means that it can justifiably be charged as fifteen bucks, compared to the seventy-five cent composition book I can purchase right down the aisle? In addition, every diarist understands just how foolish it is to keep your innermost life in a book that adorns the big fat letters "Diary" on it. Unless, of course, you're lucky enough to live on your own. Second, it's the way that their pages are labeled on the inside as well. You really want to give me one measly page to document each day on? What if my day was worth two pages, or three? What's even worse are those "diaries" that dedicate about four lines to each date. At that point, just call it a planner, or find other ways to reflect. Trying to cram all your thoughts and experiences into a pocket-sized paragraph seems counterproductive.

Upon purchasing the agenda book, I immediately began to make use of it the second I got home. "Drone maintenance" and "homework" were the only things I put on today's menu, but I managed to get these goals accomplished before midnight. Of course, the "homework" goal was met with much more procrastination.

Here's the agenda I've got going for tomorrow:

8:30 am - zoom class

- 2 homework assignments (before work?)

5 - 9:30 - work

- if possible: begin new vid.

A humble start, and I'll have to make sure that I stick to it. I'm hoping that by using this planner I'll make the rest of my community college semester more manageable, and make better use of my time exploring my passions. Of course, I'd love to put "My Diary" as a bulletin point on it, however I'm leaving the agenda out in the open so I can stay reminded. Thus, such plans will remain top secret.

Until next time...