This Is It - 2021
2021-04-12 00:00:00 (UTC)

Wear and Tear


(My body is so sore right now... Shows me for actually trying to do stuff, ha ha)

Today was an Eventful day. I woke up earlier than I wanted because I just could not fall back asleep. Spent time, predictably, hanging out with my mom while we talked about just. Various things. Then I hit the road

...And not long after I got ON the road - a highway, specifically - one of the rear tires on my car exploded, rocketed away, and left me stranded. Got to learn how it is to scroll through TikTok in a broken down car with other cars rushing past at unreasonable speeds. I'm just super glad no one got hurt. There was a highway patrol officer that got the tire off the road pretty much immediately, I regained control of my steering really fast, no one crashed into anyone/anything, AND there were scraps of rubber still clinging to the entire outside of what was once a tire, so my the rim survived the encounter as well. Made me about seven hours late to my plans, but at least everyone was okay.

And then I eventually had to agree to a short-term trade because my car was being held hostage by a tire company and I had to get into a different city by this afternoon/evening. Made my way into town...fashionably late, and had a grand ole time hanging out with my friends/roommates. We did a LOT of walking and standing today, which is why my legs and back are so sore, but it was a lot of fun! I'm glad I didn't completely miss my day with them!

And now I'm going to sleep for the next seven years because today left me WORN OUT

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