2021-04-13 05:22:52 (UTC)

The New Guy #6

Dear diary - The Moon

I walked down stairs and Chris wasn't on my couch, he might have gone to his own place, so i prayed and that wasn't answered at all.
When i walked into the kitchen, there was butt cheeks, staring right back at me. He was making breakfast, smelt like bacon, eggs and toast, the man's go-to, naked, only wearing an apron. My poor grandmother's apron. Now, i have to burn it. :(

I walked to the coffee machine, ought to have a double, for god i needed it if my morning was starting like this.

"Good morning, little Rose!" He turned round, i just can thank the gods that he was wearing an apron.

"Would you please stop calling me that?" Still too tired for this convo.

"Only because you said please. I see someone got out of the bed with the wrong foot, huh?"

"If you would walk into your own kitchen, seeing a butt naked moon staring you in the face, then you would be irritated to."

"If it was at my kitchen, the butt naked moon wouldn't be making breakfast, would still be in bed doing other things."


Early, waaaaay too early for this.

"I'm on my way to the city, please, when i get back, don't be here. Oh, to speak your language, YES, i'm kicking you out!"

"Oh, how rude! Doggy bag is already packed, love you too, have a great day at school!"


Even though he is a bit much, he is a good vibe to be around. But i can't help but sense that he has a build in wall, i do believe that is going to be nearly impossible to break through that tough shell that he has, that wall that he build around his innocent, maybe broken, heart.