Being Sam
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2021-04-13 06:36:38 (UTC)


Yesterday non-essential shops opened across England and pubs are now open to people willing to brave the cold and sit outside.

Honestly, I'm not really bothered about pubs as I didn't really go pre covid! But non essential shops? I'm all for that! I finished work at 3pm yesterday and drove straight to Homesense and spent £200 lol and you know what? It felt glorious! Everytime I look at my new couch cushions all I can think is "things are finally getting back to normal"
I felt giddy driving around and seeing more people on the road.

I've been for a walk with Wendy this morning and I pretty much had to force her to keep walking up the lane. Is it normal for a dog to want to stay home and avoid walks? I've taken her everyday, but recently bumped it up to over an hour and I thought maybe that's why she wasn't up to maybe I'd pushed her little legs too far? But she barely managed a half hour today before we got home and she got in her bed to sulk! I thought dogs loved a walk!?

In other news...Dean turned down sex this morning for what I'm pretty sure is the first time ever (or maybe 1 of like 3 in the last 13 years) and I won't lie...I didn't enjoy being rejected because he was "running late" only for him to have a shower for over 15 minutes. Trying super hard not to take it personally or wonder if I've pissed him off because that's not at all like my husband. If this is what he feels like everytime I say I'm not feeling it, I feel like a proper shitty human.

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