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I Hate Middle School
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2021-04-12 15:58:00 (UTC)

Im NOT jealous T^T

Hello I guess,

So like I said in the title, IM NOT JEALOUS. I am not jealous of Avery at all. I don't care that Avery and Kiarra are becoming good friends and I certainly don't mind that Avery has a crush on Kiarra. I don't have a crush on Kiarra nor do have a crush on Avery so why am I jealous? I should be happy that my friends are getting along right? But no my needy ass still isn't happy. Apparently one of Avery's friends committed suicide over the weekend and yes I feel bad and yes I'm sad for her friend but once again instead of just feeling bad for them, I'm kind of annoyed because Avery is sad. What the actual hell is wrong with me! I get that she's sad cause her friend died, id be sad too but I feel like she's milking it honestly. She brought it up to me three times in the past two days and today at lunch, she was moping around until Kiarra tried comforting her then suddenly she's all happy again. Last night at like 10:15 pm she texted me asking if I'd talked to Kiarra recently. I didn't know if Kiarra was ignoring her for a reason so I asked why and she said that Kiarra wasn't answering her or Issac (Kiarras discord friend) all day. I told Avery that I was with her today and Avery asked if I was with her recently because she was afraid Kiarra committed suicide like her friend. I said I was with her a few hours ago and that Kiarra was probably asleep. Avery refused to believe that Kiarra was asleep so to get her to shut up I told her that Kiarras dad picked her up so she was probably with him. Avery thanked me and said that she almost had a panic attack but honestly? Suicide? Kiarra is a completely happy girl with a great family, lots of friends, and enough money to get by so theres almost a zero percent chance of that ever happening but okay Avery. I get that she likes her and yeah some people worry too much but thats wayyyyyyy to overdramatic and thats not an oppinion. Ive kinda been writing this in peices throughout the day and averys brought up her friends suicide 2 more times and now Kiarras going over Averys house to hang out. And even though me, Riley, Kiarra, and Avery all sit together at lunch its only Avery and Kiarra who talk to eachother. They even play cards! They didnt even offer to let me and Riley play its just them two the entire lunch! Avery used to walk to all her classes with me since we have most of the same classes but now she'll randomly turn and take the long way without telling me just so she has a chance of talking with KIarra for the split second they might see eachther. Maybe im just being jealous and anoying but honestly at least warn me before you dissapear. Its not just me thats realized it either because I was talking with Kaitlyn (me and Avery were in the same class as her for the past two years in elementary school but we dont talk as much now) and she was complaining about Avery and Kiarra too! Of course neither of us are going to say anything but honestly im getting annoyed. But you know what im just going to keep it to myself... and whoevers dumb enough to read all of this XD. In conclusion, I'm not jealous, I'm angry. That"s all for now,