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2021-04-12 15:38:52 (UTC)

On overdrive for a few days.

Well new week, new projects, new attitude, my energy levels have been going up, and I honestly don't know if is all this adreneline running through my veins thats keeping me in overdrive, but what ever it is, am very excited to be finishing my certification at the end of this week, and get things ready for our trip to my home town, can't wait to see my son, my mom, and meet all the baby nephews I need to meet. There is so much going on, that I just decided to stop by here and wright about it, because it's in these important changes that life hapens and it's worth remembering. I am excite to be able to talk to a group of people and maybe create a small difference in their lives. So four days of intense learning, preparing, and experiencing new things. So wish me luck.

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