London Life
2021-04-12 14:46:28 (UTC)

Wednesday to Saturday

Wednesday 07/04/2021
Cycled to the Moreish café for lunch, which we ate in the Marchmont Gardens where there was tennis coaching going on, builders eating lunch and a girl with a central-Europe accent shouting down her phone to some organisation which had displeased her. We also got some flavoured bread at Granary Square. In the evening I tried to do what I didn’t manage last night, and try some intervals running. I ran from Somers Town through the Regent’s Park back streets to the outer circle - I decided to run round the 4.5km circumference, managing a few sprints.

Thursday 08/04/2021
Ellie’s was shut for refurbishment so we came back to Wok And Fire and sat by the Cobden statue. We didn’t have time for a coffee.
In the evening I ran to Highbury, using my favourite route via King’s Cross, Barnsbury, Islington Park, Canonbury, and Petherton Gardens. I met Louisa, who was doing her first task, according to the website, but she said she’d seen me before at an evening cemetery task. Danny and Kat turned up, and when Frannie arrived she set us to work even though Simon hadn’t arrived. I was trying to be careful of my back strain – I shovelled gravel but didn’t carry any of the bags.

We carried on for an extra half an hour because if we hadn’t get all the gravel moved to the estate garden, the bags would just sit in the public highway. It seemed a formidable task but we managed it – though when it was felt that the bag was light and empty enough to be dragged to the garden, there was something of a disaster when it split and disgorged its gravel onto the estate path. Marie and Rachel were there but I didn’t chat to them much.

I lost my bearings on the run back, and took a CityMapper route which started through a complicated estate path, went through Highbury Fields but managed to avoid the roundabout, and soon finding the familiar, rather boring alternate route home.

Friday 09/04/2021
A busy morning at work catching up with applications, customer name changes and metrics. We went out to lunch quite early but Jack’s friend wanted to meet him – he went to his mother’s funeral yesterday. He didn’t phone to arrange it until 11:38 but I decided we’d still got time to go to Namaaste. They said the tofu curry would be ready in ten minutes but it took longer. I wanted to sit in inverness Street, Jack wanted to go by the Holiday Inn but they’ve now barriered-off where we sit, so we had to perch on a planter ledge near the canal, and Jack had to leave before I’d finished, and suggested I sat on a sloping wall by the bridge, which was uncomfortable.

I finally arranged – after much trying to get a form signed, sent to and received by our Facilities team – to go into the office on Monday and get the jacket I left there when we were last in. I told Elina, who then wanted me to phone her so she “could hear my voice” but whenever I phone her, we chat for over an hour, and I just hadn’t got the time. It would have been a good time to do it though, as Jack wasn’t back until well after 15:00.

Jack finished early, so was saying random things to me while I was trying to do work stuff. I finished the Top 100 but didn’t trust it’s accuracy, because there were 36 new entries, which would be surprising even without the recent changes to stabilise the listing. I couldn’t see anything wrong with the calculations though. (Eventually I published it on Saturday morning). Jack went and sat in our local park until I’d finished, then we cycled to Islington to sit in Islington Green while we ate a coconut-milk ice cream from Pinkberry, which wasn’t the best idea for a slightly chilly evening.

Jack was saying he wanted to go through a particular big park, though there aren’t any in Islington. He meant Barnard Park, but we stopped off earlier in Thornhill Gardens as well. The BBC went a bit mad after Prince Phillip died; they cancelled the whole schedule on both BBC1 and BBC2, while BBC4 didn’t seem to be on at all. Even the radio stations carried the same coverage – from Radio 1 to BBC 6 Music, so you didn’t get any choice. I tried Capital Radio, and it seemed they had the usual cheery DJs and music on, but ITV1 also cleared their schedule. But we couldn’t watch Have I Got News For You, which will be out of date if they hold on to it for too long.

We watched an architecture programme about a disused station in Northamptonshire, though I think one of the main channels would have made the programme in a more interesting way than UKTV.

Saturday 10/04/2021
Ran to Stepney in good time, and met who I thought was a new girl, Gemma who said she’d seen me before, just before Christmas. I chatted to her but it felt more as if I was making conversation than having a nice casual chat. Quiet Chris turned up, then Emma who wasn’t the Emma I was expecting and had only signed up 20 minutes before the task. I didn’t recognise her but she seemed familiar with CA. I talked to her a bit while we were raking stony gravel, but when I mentioned the London Zoo re-opening and how I don’t like to see some animals pacing up and down in a bored manner, she said “come on, they’re animals, they don’t care”. She also said she avoided King’s Cross because she didn’t like how it used to be – well you weren’t even allowed into it for twenty years, until they rebuilt the area, so what was there to dislike?

We saw two four-day old lambs, with brown patches (which might have been goats actually). The mother had given birth to four, which is a lot, and two of them died as well as the mother. There was also another big sheep with a very young lamb cuddling up to her. Ivy arrived a bit late – as I suspected she has recently been away at her parents’ house in Staffordshire, near Lichfield. Seems she had never actually lived there, but in Birmingham and Surrey instead. Aidan was also there today. The two hours passed quickly but I felt drained. I didn’t feel like running back, so got the Overground from Whitechapel.

At home I had some soup and a croissant, and looked at some sexy pictures online. Jack came back and spent ages on the phone trying to get credit for our train ticket which we’ve now re-booked following a cancellation last year. They wanted to refund only part of the ticket price, because the replacement one was cheaper, but they hadn’t got a leg to stand on, because it would have been illegal to fulfil the contract, and Jack had used thetrainline to book the outward ticket to Whitby instead of using LNER which she could have got a discount on.