2021-04-12 07:48:00 (UTC)

The New Guy #5

Dear Diary - Little Rose

"Gonna tell me why your here?" I asked Chris, who is oh so comfortable on my couch, one would think that it is his house.

"Nah, why does all women want to talk. Can a man just chill?"

"At my home?"

"You're the one who said, 'get to know session'."

"Right, but you don't want to talk. You know, talking involves two people."

"Are you telling me that that is how a conversation is born?"

"Exactly." I replied. Too tired for games. "I have a long day tomorrow, would you mind returning in a few days?"

"Oh! Where are you going?"

"City." i said, short as can be.



"Well i'll just cip here." he said, snuggling my couch pillow.

"Your house is literally just a few steps across the road." I was getting irritated.

"Stating the obvious." He said, still sipping on his beer.

I was getting mad, usually not because i have a short fuse but because mama needs some beauty sleep, anything keeping me from it will get my full wrath.

"Why are you here? Either tell me or get out." I said sternly.

"Oh, look at you, all red cheeks."

He could see the mad expression on my face.

He sighed*

"Fine little Rose, I saw your neighbor snooping around your house a few minutes ago, so good-old-Chris just wanted to check if your still around, breathing."
He also add, "If he ask, we are having a booty call, yeah?"

You wish.

James? Was he spying on me? Why?


"How should i know this guy's intensions. Non the less, i thought i will be at your service and protect the little Rose."

"I don't need your protection, for all i know, you are lying."

"Well, i'm here, it's late, i'm not going home. Deal with it."

"Couch it is then, and ONLY the couch." I said, sternly.

I felt at ease that he was there but also freaked out, what did James want?