Sex, Alchemy and Craigslist
2021-04-11 21:53:22 (UTC)

Girl on His Mind

You'll never guess who I got a text from? You guessed it, Cooper! It was nice and short. He was finally responding to the text message I'd sent him on Thu. " I just reread what you wrote." "Very Hot" I was confused as fuck. "What are you talking about?" Mind you, I'm in the middle of reading biology homework when this text drops. Then, it suddenly dawns on me that he's re-read my text. This motherfucker is thinking of you, if he's rereading your message. Which explains the rest of what has been happening.

Our last episode chronicled that both of us were "processing" the evening's events. Thursday morning, I was awakened at 4am, by his spirit telling me that he was an animal. I did the most natural thing, I growled at him, and told him to have a good day at work. This was my first indication that he'd masturbated to me so hard that his spirit floated into the universe and woke me up. I guess I made an impression. So let me explain, for those of you who have never had this experience. People who are empaths and intuitives can have virtual interactions. If your focus is so intense, you can actually feel someone. Let me tell you,I've had virtual sex with strangers and have cum hard. Lordt! It was amazing. The reason why I KNOW Cooper masturbated thinking of me, is because I've had a sub jerk off to me before work. His dumb ass would wake me between 5 and 5:30am. I can only imagine how hard he came, and if he recovered before work. Which leads to our next story.

Friday,I felt his energy around me all day. I didn't really question it, but still wondered what he wanted. Saturday, I didn't feel it. As This would indicate that he's replaying our time together. It also may indicate he'd like to repeat it, but he's not ready to ask for experiene it again. Writing this all down has really made me feel better.

In short, I've iteracted wiith his energy everyday since we hung out. I'm sleepy. Good night.