2021-04-09 05:00:00 (UTC)

The New Guy #4

Dear diary - Being Unfaithful

Julie was still snoring away on the couch when i came into the living room, on my way to work.
Brought back some good old memories of uni-days.

I put the coffee on, think she might need it after last night and walk to the garage.
When i opened it, you can just guess who stood at my gate, Mr. James Clarence.

" Good morning." He seemed... off. I walked to the gate, with what i can see, i guessed that was my newspaper in his hand... again.

"Morning. Outside my gate again?" I already know the answer to my own question.

"Nah, just thought i reach into your yard and grab it, gave me a reason to talk to you." He sounded sarcastic, but i'm 99.9% sure that is what happened as no-one in the neighborhood receives their newspaper outside of their gate. :}

"Well thanks." I took it from him and threw it on my porch near my front door.

"Have you seen my wife?" Right, bit late for getting worried. Where were you last night? It is non of my business, don't think i have the mental capacity to get involved.

"I have yes. If you don't mind, i have to get to work."

"Where is she?" I ignore the question. I got into my car and pulled out the drive way.

"Give her some space. Sure she'll turn up." I drove off to work.


At work i got an e-mail, saying that i have to do an audit in one of our city branches, so i'll be flying tomorrow afternoon (a.k.a today)


I got home, Julie was gone. To be honest it would've been weird if she stayed in my house.

The evening carried on as usual. Glass of wine, caught up with some work. When i heard my bell. Julie?

I opened the door and Mr. No-name was standing on my porch.

"Hi." I was confused. Since when.

"Hey. How are you?" I replied. Confused.

"Doing alright, thanks. You busy?"

"Just some work but we can chat, want to come in?"

"Sure, would be great." he took a step in and i halted him.


"Are we on a first name bases, already?" Mr Flirt alright.

"Strangers aren't welcome."

"Fine. Password is Chris." Already like him. Sense of humor.

"You may enter." I make way for him and gestured to the living room. De Ja Vu!

"Wine?" I asked.

"Beer." He replied.

When i came back from the kitchen it was clear that he made him self comfortable on my couch.
I handed him his beer and got seated.


"So." He took a sip of his beer.

"Can i help you?"

"Nope. I'm good." Just kept on sipping.

"What brings you here?"