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2021-04-11 22:31:28 (UTC)

Double Busted Lust

I'd planned out a whole other scenario for my guy's birthday weekend. I plotted numerous surprises throughout the evening that most would be offended by, but I knew my guy would appreciate the 'twists' - and he did.

He would have started by arriving at my house, with me wearing only a black apron, fishnet tights that had crotchless lace knickers and heels. I would have already collected a Chinese meal and pretended I cooked it after I served him up a face full of my bottom and did some horse riding skills on his lap once again. But the Chinese restaurant opened two hours later than I planned. Ruined that idea!

No biggie, plan b, c and d instead, hit the shower, smoothed everywhere. I glanced sight of me in the mirror. For the first time, I thought, my workouts are paying off. I felt good. I tried a new gradual tanning moisturizer the night before too, a friend mentioned it. The final look merged well, just a soft glow, nothing orange or stupid looking. It defined my body and made my hair look like a dirty blonde. My guy loves my hair. It's the longest I've ever grown it before; he certainly makes excellent use of it, lol.

So now what do I wear? Okay, he has seen me in numerous types of lingerie and outfits, but that night I decided to keep it simple and classy. I knew our evening would not end simple either elegant because, well, we like to fuck hard and often. So the first thing I pulled out of my wardrobe was a black double-breasted fitted blazer that fitted like a short dress just below my bottom, with buttons that met a V that accentuated my breasts. I didn't wear tights, or stockings, just bare legs. I liked how they looked, toned and slightly bronzed; I felt great and looked sexy. When he saw me, his eyes lit up, smirking with a growl, "Fuck you", he said, "Doing this to me", then grit his teeth. Meaning, I'm going to bend you over and fuck your arse till your legs shake again, but let's say hello first, yeah?


The surprises came; he loved them all, laughing and telling me, "Where do you find these things! They're brilliant." He didn't get ordinary gifts; even the wrapping paper had, "Happy Birthday, you lovely cunt." He appreciates dry or dark humour, as he has written comedy sketch sets for some tv comedians before.

The weekend went well, as always. More bonding, good music, light food, more of his incurable wit and double-edged wickedness ensued, lol, along with us exploring a new apparatus I sat on, legs either side, bottom-up, whereby my legs trembled so intensely, it numbed out his hand gripping my throat and heightened the force of him deep in my arse over and over again while I fucked a dildo, squirting and lubing us more in the process. Fuck! I love our sex and his intimacy after. I seem to have this knack of absorbing his orgasm's inside my bottom without leaking. Once, he referred to us going out shopping, him bumfucking me in the changing rooms and then plugging my bottom to keep his orgasm inside me while we carry on shopping until he pulls me aside again somewhere else to do it again and again and so on. Lol, I decided to show him I can plug it without plugging it, oh how he loves it when I do that! After a short time, it just absorbs into me, and it's pretty hot. I love it.

We spent the morning in bed, and I admired his gorgeous physique while tucked under his arm, mmm, so sexy, that olive Italian skin tone with his dark hair. Matched with his steely expression and alpha ways, it conflicts with his quick wit and sharp mind, but he likes that, throws people off, guard. I like that about him too.

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