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2044-06-18 21:48:00 (UTC)

January 31, 2018: Rolando x Isela: Highlights:

Clip: Esteban left, because I cheated on him:
Ricardo: What happened to Esteban?
Isela: Ricardo, I cheated on Esteban, because of the accident that I just mad, and I lied to him, and gave the middle finger, and gave the shit out, and bitched me first.
Gerry: I think it was Esteban.
Isela: Right Gerry, I got you. (writes the paper down, and wrote Esteban bitched up)
Clip: Ricardo points the knife to Esteban:
Ricardo: Show me Isela.
(Isela opens the photo app about Esteban and Kim are in the party 2017)
Isela: That was him!
Ricardo: Okay. (gets the knife in my backpack, and points the knife to Esteban) Don't talk to Isela right now Esteban. Run!
(Esteban runs away, and Lopez drops the knife down)
Clip: Katie sheds a tears to her mother:
At Isela's House: Living Room:
Fawn: Where are you going Katie?
Katie: Nowhere Mom, I told you that you are gonna get rid of my ex boyfriend.
Fawn: Katie! That's not true! (breaks my plate fast) What do you want to talk about?
Katie: Alex just killed me for the slavery yesterday!
Fawn: Alex Moreno? Who is she?
Isela: She's crazy at me and she has Rolando, and then she left a while ago.

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