If I die today
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2021-04-11 08:09:44 (UTC)

sleepy after sleep

The apartments were annoying loud last night. Mostly just freak gansta music from cars but the people above me were doing something soundled like moving and draggin furniture and the upstairs entry way had a lot of traffic jut for the building idk what apartment but the door was bangin a lot of footsteps.. Around 10 I was able to fall asleep and I just wokr up at a little after 8 still feel tired. I'm on keurig coffee #2 or 1.5 I topped off #1 had my blt biscuit breakfast and leftover instant masked potoates. been in touch with my love nothing new there same same i love him he wishes I was with him. nothing new. Nothing much on my mind other than I was extra tired I have perked up and think I can handle some chores around 10. I plan on bleaching today but i havnt checked the weather I need to be sure I can venatliate and that I will be able to get out for a while to let the bleach disapate I have paper work to do alos to get to the attorney by tommrow so might be an after lunch project. I think if I find something to do on my side of the road I can make a trip to run an errand after I bleach but I really need to check the weather to see what the plans is and I gotta not be lazy also I am lacking motivation on these chores and traffic is always a concern going to the highway and over the bridge. Anyhow still a little gassy but before I slept I recalled a clue I did take acopohlis yesterday right before coffee and a snack so I had it on an ampty stomach and as the over achiever I am of course I had between 3 and 5 tablets. sooo maybe feeling that effect? Still the same people in my life still wish I was better with people and gave a rats ass. Oh not planning on nDea today if there is a contact I assume it will be in the evening but I see no reason to plan or count on that or exspect it today. Nothing new or inspiring. This is life today.

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