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2021-04-11 01:31:58 (UTC)

Ouch! 😖

Another busy day once again and it's not even a work day. Went to one of the earliest gym sessions I even went to. 8am. I know that's nothing to most people but people like me don't do well in the mornings. Bones are still creaking. Muscles are not doing what I want it to do. You know, like walk straight? lol. Once I'm at the gym, then I'm psyched and ready to rock. it was nice to see the different members this time because I'm the newbie in this morning class slot. Lots of faces I never saw before or faces I saw but don't know them yet.

Had to rush home, prep and get ready for out hike to Bassi Falls. Bought some food for lunch to have at the falls and we were going to hit a winery so I got the normal stuff for wine tasting. Enough to make a decent charcuterie dish. The hike was tougher than I thought. For one, I just did a morning crossfit class. 2nd, there were a lot of down trees so we had to park further back than the norm. Also, there were down trees along the hike so we had to climb over them. Not easy when your legs are already shaky from working out earlier and there were 1/2 dozen down trees blocking the path and we had no choice but climb over them. Still glad I went and it was good to be out in nature. But my body is aching a bit right now for sure. 😫 Still better than staying at home sitting on the sofa. Hope when I wake up in the morning, I'll feel better. Otherwise, sitting on the sofa tomorrow will sound like a pretty good deal then.