Shit I Write Down
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2021-03-27 03:35:07 (UTC)


I love being a Taurus. Yet I know that Taurus stereotypes can be true as fuck - both the good and the bad. We are known most for being stubborn. Hell, yes, we are! I've heard it all before. But to be honest, our stubbornness is actually a form of strength. No, we are not trying to be a total thorn in your side, we just favor consistency. We may not always be the most adventurous people on earth, but that's because we like to take our time, and when we find something that works - we keep at it. Before you all come for us Tauruses for being lazy, we are actually extremely hardworking. When we set out minds on a goal, we work until we accomplish it. So when we want to relax, we've earned it! While some people may see it as lazy when a Taurus takes a very long break, we're actually conserving out energy. Tauruses obviously like money and this can lead people to think we are greedy. But hey, like I said, If you work for it, you've earned it! So what's wrong with living the good life or treating yourself? Clearly, we are the best sign.