Being Sam
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2021-04-10 19:55:19 (UTC)

Delete them, they're wrong

Here's some words that piss me off because I either cannot pronounce them correctly or if I can, I sound like a twat using them in conversation...

Crotchet - I'm not French, I'm not saying it like I am.

Archives - literally said it wrong until the age of 14. Like chives...I don't know what I was thinking with this one but it still makes me feel stressed when needing to use it.

Gilet - absolutely ridiculous when being spoken in the Manchester accent. We can't do French.

Croquet - I can and do actually say this one correctly but it's always annoyed me and I wish it was just pronounced with the T rather than an AY at the end.

Persephone - another one I've luckily always said right (thanks youtube) but I read it atleast 3 times before saying it out loud to remind myself.

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