my life is a mess that i can't escape
2021-04-10 19:21:30 (UTC)

i'm tired, because i tried

I'm tired, because I tried. I think saying that sentence will be cool and it has a nice rhyme.
I had a busy day which was supposed to be productive, and fun. I was able to exercise in the morning. Also, I studied German. After breakfast, I studied maths. Luckily, I completed my goal for today. Then, I talked with my brother on phone. If you follow my diaries, probably you know the stupid emotion that I feel after talking with my brother on phone. I ate lunch, and watched "The Queen's Gambit" again. 4rd episode was awkward to me. I think everything went too fast, but it was still beautiful. After that "long" break, I wanted to studied physics, because I have an online exam tomorrow. By the way, I hate physics. So, I haven't studied it well until today. There were a lot of topics. Of course, I can't complete all of them and I feel so tired now. I think I can't do anything well tomorrow. I hope I can cheat well.
Also, I was playing a kind of online Scrabble in my native language. In all of my breaks, I played it. I played 6 games in a day, and won 3 of them against an unknown guy. End of the day, ı deleted the app because it was becoming a kind of addiction for me. I did this, but Iı downloaded Instagram again. Because I want to create a blog where I can share my essays. I wrote my first essay, and prepared a picture for it. I'll share it tomorrow, because my page isn't active at nights I think.
I always tell myself to do not plan lots of things for the next day, but I did it again for Sunday. I've been doing this for a very long time. I think I'm used to that situation. I'm also trying to be used to other situations too.
Briefly; I'm being tired, but I'm also trying at the same time.