If I die today
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2021-04-10 10:56:37 (UTC)

thats a good morning

I got to sleep around 3a this morning after nDea left. The evening was enjoyable we did go grocery shopping I had really high anxiety but well Im supplied on food. We decided on Sterlings for dinner I ordered the shrimp it comes with a few things but it says over rice. Just says rice.. I got my order there was green peas in my rice! I"m allergic to peas.. so anyhow I watvhed Ndea eat for a bit while they corrected the order. I couldnt have the salad either so I tried to order corn and they ran out of corn... so it was an ordeal but the shrip and potoe was great. Then we went looking for kettle on spritizers bc well we couldnt think of anything else to do betwween 7and8pm after dinner it was but still that particlar store didnt have them so we got some sorta kosher wine which turns out I really like and then an arbor mist blackberry wine which I could take or leave and we finsihed thee last 1/2 cup or so of the vodka in my freexer. Typical when we drink together I like to share a cup and we both just drink the same so thats what we did and we played a word game that nDea rescured for me from the other apartment complex bc it was a game from like 76 I think he said it was crap they needed tog et rid of. Then we played Jenga. He willingly choose to walk home laast night but not in a rush or huury he got home in quick time I really dont think we had enough alchol to be drunk he wasnt acting concerning at all. soon as I got the message he was home I was out like a light. so her'e the surpise I went to sleep at 3amish We had sex at 1030ish last night before he left around 2ish . I got a text while I was waking up peeing this morning it was almost 9am I had just wokr up hadnt even started the coffee. I knew when I heard my phone it was him just bc yeah I'm guilt I was thinking of him while I peed lol. basiclay he was ready to get his car. He was here in less than 20minutes so I got my keurig coffee and applesauce made him a keurig coffee when he arrived and just waking up well there was morning sex we were done by 1130 and snuggling but I was not exspecting that. He is tired bc he forgot his bedtime meds last night so olny slept 3 hours and his back was sore bc he tripped yestrrday at the store. SO now he ishome napping. but the morning sex thing threw my plans off I have lunch in the oven now reheating leftovers and I will make my breakfast biscuits for dinner thats my new plan. I've had 2 cups of cofffee so i feel alive I'm very pleased. He's expressing a lot of frustrationg with the living situation and his daughters mother and he doesnt think he can endure it another year while they find a house her and her daughter .. so he doesnt quite know yet what he wants to do but he seemes super stressed about it and IDK what kinda shit she's pulling now but I"m sure she's doing some dum shit. They have a family cookout with his niece tommorw so I wont be seeing him much tommorw. His grandaughtwe will be there at 2today so thats another reason a nap is in order. Anyhow the plans for today is get some solid food in me .. maybe a bath? At some point knock out the basic chores dishes n yadada. straighten up. Tommrow wil be reall chores and likely bleach day. I was gassy yesterday but also high anxiety I took a charcol or 2 after dinner before the vodka bc it was getting narly that did the trick then the gas kicked back in when I woke up haha but not painful just annoying. Not much else to say I'm still a little foggy minded again I had perked up for a minute or 2 this morning but now I'm slugging back down

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