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2021-04-10 17:48:27 (UTC)


Truth is a technology .Nobody has to let you feel yourself. Someone can happily deny another the right to love or be loved. You can spend all day in a tailspin; leisurely guilting and blackmailing someone else. It is possible to be a useless hollow shell of a human being and to use that truth to deny the fate and happiness of someone else. Time and space care for the body, but the mind and the heart remain a battleground. Truth should hold a reflection, that’s what makes it a technology.

Air is a technology. It has both pulp and theory. The distance between love and existence is nihl. Because we exist we love. Reflect.. I represent purity of thought. Quality. The antonym for this idea would be If we separate there must be hate. I disprove this. To have a roast beef sandwich a cow must die. Separate from its existence, Does that mean we hate the cow? How must the cow be respected to get to the endgame of a good roast beef sandwich? Is life as simple as units like name and numbers, or can a thinker imply the theory that you need to know what you are doing before you do it. Think before you act. So the distance between a cow in a pasture and a well laid sandwich has a depth in the mind. It has a distance in society. Can you bridge that air? Can you go the distance?

Fear is a technology. When you go to Fright Night you prepare yourself to scream and be seen. When you are resting in your bedroom and you hear a loud thump your chest tightens and you flinch. When you tell somebody something bad is going to happen if they do not follow a specific course of action you are using fear. How many different types of fear are there? There is pleasure, avoidance of pain, superstition, panic and flight.

Technology is not the enemy. Ignorance is. There must be structure to everything that is real. Balance and integrity are real. So running off half cocked at every thought, is actually working backwards. Not every number, or theory, or rhythm has value in a technologically advanced world. Some shit is just shit.
So to close respectfully, Truth, Air, and Fear crossed my mind today, Each bears the burden of expression, and now that I have meditated on them, I AM Free.

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