Living Without Lighting
2021-04-10 08:44:23 (UTC)

Filling In

Wisely enough, I never wound up partaking Wednesday night, I resisted the urge. While I'd like to promise an interesting and fruitful story tonight, there simply hasn't been enough happenings to create one.

Today's shift was delightfully degenerate, as I managed to skip out on a third of it. It was a rather busy day, as for whatever reason the hot weather attracts customers like fresh cow manure attracts hungry and horny flies. However after clocking in, my coworker Peggy insisted that she work on register, so with unquestioning glee I happily took the go-backs cart to the far untrodden reaches of the retail store. I spent a good amount of time hanging out in the storage rooms, admiring memes on my phone and catching up on Youtube's latest comment flame-wars. When doing actual work, I spent my time dodging customers among the aisles like pacman dodges ghosts.

Aside from that, I've put together a wonderful spring basket for my grandparents. We're celebrating a late Easter with them tomorrow, and I hope it'll make them happy. It's got some gluten free snacks in it (my grandma has celiac) and before we leave tomorrow I'll adorn the basket with some freshly-cut flowers. That way the basket can be just as fruity as I am. Other from that, Jay's birthday is tomorrow, so after work I'll be celebrating that too. Perhaps that will provide for an interesting entry.

Until next time...