This Is It - 2021
2021-04-09 00:00:00 (UTC)

Syrup and Ink


Ate breakfast with my mom today, which was really nice because I love spending time with her and also I hardly ever eat breakfast, so it's a treat when I actually do. I know it's the ~most important meal of the day~ or whatever, but when you usually wake up at 1pm, "breakfast" is not necessarily a common thing. After food, we just sat around and watched trashy reality tv again. Mother likes to give her own running commentary as she watches, and gets super into it, which is often funnier than the show itself.

Also, I found some writing inspiration hidden away somewhere in my heart. I had an idea for a story (yes it's a fanfiction - it's fun lol) a few days ago, and it just would not leave me alone until I started putting words to it. It's not anywhere near done yet - I started writing pretty late and went until I hit an okay stopping point - but I wrote enough that I can feel pretty good about getting into creative endeavours again. This story is also kind of different for me in that I'm typing the first draft and will find a way to edit that my usual way later, rather than hand-writing the original thing and running edits as I type it up. I'll figure it out when I've tackled just getting it written. And yes I send fanfics through a couple edits there's no way I'm going to post a rough draft of anything.

My son is "helping" me write right now (by which I mean he's standing in my lap starting at my screen and purring) but I'm pretty sure he wants me to head to bed so I'll give him a hug, since he was screaming for attention not too long ago. He's so needy wow - Who raised him to be like this??? :3

I'm just too weak to his cute little fluffy face

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