Shit I Write Down
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2021-01-05 12:33:02 (UTC)


Whoever reads the title to this story will probably feel very confused. Let me fill you in, wishbones to me are very meaningful. Me and my mom are closer than close and I've always symbolized our bond as a wishbone. For my 21st birthday I want a wishbone tattooed on my rib. So, every time I look at my tattoo my mom instantly comes to mind. My mom is everything to me and more. She is my light in a dark room, my sun on a stormy day, and most importantly she's my inspiration. She's the strongest person I know and I couldn't begin to tell you. I'm forever grateful for everything she has done for me, even though I can be a pain in the ass. For always being my number one fan. For shaping me into the women I am today.