Sex, Alchemy and Craigslist
2021-04-09 13:26:34 (UTC)

To All a Goodnight

I ended it with Bradley. It was funny how I chose to end it. I equated his efforts to a failing student who isn't interested in being in class and not doing the work. I've yet to hear a response. I probably won't. He's confronted with his own shortcomings.

Cooper, is on my mind. I'm not pursuing him. I just needed to get this off my chest:

You're a good man who loves hard. You're not broken, you just don't know how to ask for what you want. Hurry up, motherfucker! There's a lady out there looking for you. Who craves a smashed pussy courtesy of Daddy.
Get it together! Write in your diary, begin to ask for what you want, and ask the Universe to bring you a guide. Hint, they've already sent you two.

You may never read this, but I know that intention begins with expressing it into the world and allowing the universe to work its magic. This is my desire for you. 🌛

I have seen the future, I just don't believe what I've seen or if it was simply a glimpse of what happened. In a lost erotic piece, I thought the storyline related to Bradley, but in fact, relates to Cooper. In the erotic piece, I entered my suitor's place. It was a condo. It was our first date after our initial session. The kitchen was to the right, a hallway to the left. The place was immaculate. This was Cooper's place. Everything on his apt has a place. Am I going to see him again? We'll see.