Nala Toph

Written Thoughts
2021-04-09 12:55:51 (UTC)

It’s Always the Feminists Who Insult Females the Most

There’s something Nana told me that I heard so many times before, specifically by feminist who think they really said something special there. Here it is and I quote,
“Men use love to get sex, women use sex to get love”.
And get this, it’s some how supposed to be an insult to men. I truly fail to see how this hurts men. This statement is by far the biggest insult you could say about women.
And if you genuinely believe this hits men harder than women then please think about it for a second. Think what it really means when it mentions women, “use sex to get love”. You’re saying woman want love and will go to such unnecessary levels to reach that level of stimulation. That can only say one of two things and both are the greatest insult To women ever. One, woman are simply stupid and desperate Creatures, and that they cannot decide what’s best for themselves so therefore they will never be independent enough to help themselves in a situation or process how such a decision might affect their life. Or two, you believe they are independent enough to understand what they are doing and they are all simply sluts who will use whatever means necessary to feel validated.

Meanwhile you are saying men know how to use love and want sex. They understand what love is and the significance of having sex with the one you love.

And if you know Nana you know how she is Christian which is why I was so baffled she said such a thing. If you want to take the biblical path of a relationship, what does it say?
“Have sex with those you wish to love”
“Love everyone, even your enemies, and only use sex to consummate your marriage”

So what is nana saying? Woman are natural sinners and men can easily be moral and true?

Honestly if what you meant to say is men are all psychopaths and will toy with women‘s emotion to gain sexual satisfaction then say, “All men are psychopaths because they toy with woman’s emotions to gain sexual satisfaction”.
You’ll still be wrong and you’re forever an ignorant ass in my eyes but at least you said what you meant.

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