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2021-04-09 10:22:34 (UTC)

Interesting start to my day🤔

Man!! Interestiing start to my day. Even had a very cool dream (non sexual) and so I woke up already in an even better mood. Actually, I woke up to my pinger app telling me I got a text. It was from my ex wife and I don't give her my ph# anymore so she uses that for communication. Anyway, I learned or discovered a few things since it's been awhile that I communicated with her. First, she gave me some updates regarding the kiddos. That was pretty cool of her. Good to know the kiddos status and how they're doing good. That's pretty much the main thing that I liked about her texting me. The second thing is that she still throws breadcrumbs at me to just try to mess with me I guess. I didn't bite and I see her in a different light now. I no longer hate her. I no longer want her to burn in hell or anything like that. hehe. Maybe just light a match on her toes maybe? hehe. Nah.. kidding.

Actually, I'm surprised that I no longer feel any kind of emotion chatting with her. In the past, I used to get upset that she wouldn't let me see the kiddos. Not even talk or chat. In the past, I recalled the negative things she did to me. Also in the past, I felt I wasted all those years on a dead end project (of sorts). But today, I didn't even get a rise of one eyebrow from her. I just thought hmm, good that the kids are ok. Hope this means I am on a different level of my zen life (haha). Dunno, but the peace in me is so relieving to experience. I'm ok with this.

Let's see what else. Oh yeah, Shanti asked me out again but with her teen son? Huh? She is cute and she does have a nice looking butt 😈 but I don't think I wanna be a instant family. Maybe she wants to make it a "safe" date which is probably smart knowing how I can be sometimes. But then again, I told myself to be open to uncomfortable situations so maybe I will. Maybe we can all go fishing or something fun like that so no matter what happens, I'll still enjoy what we do.

I guess I can't complain. Life is good so far. I'm doing more than ok I guess. Job is steady. Friends are friending. Crossfit is going great and still going 5 times a week on average. Some small but manageable drama in life so it's not all cookie-cutter stuff. Can't complain at all and I just realized, it's Friday baby!!!