If I die today
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2021-04-09 07:29:49 (UTC)

hungry for more

Last night between 9 and 10 I feel asleep. We had a date basicly we just got coffee and checked the mail and went for a walk near the po boxes and a diffrent park than usual. Then there was sex. And eCarri had been working on roping him into dinner at 6p since he got off work but he had aldreay told her not to count on him so it was around 7 he got hungry and did need to eat and she was pestering him so I guess they followed thru with dinner plans I found out this morning they ened up at zips bc the place she wante to go was closed. We have a date tonight to go grocery shopping and dinner then who knows. But anyhow I ate after he left I had a dinner leftover brown rice I made new frozen brussel sproouts and a frozen burito also . I cleaned up a little so like a half hour of chores before I let myself lay down after eating. My coofee beans are out and I feel stupid opening a new bag bc on the weekends I just kuerig so i dont grind fresh coffee so I used pre ground coffe in the press this morning it wasnt bad. I got up about 530 or 6ish. Have a few chores to do the dishes are abudent.. OMG. and I want to do a load of laundry I'll start at 9. I did workout all ready a 10min indoor run after 30min connective tiisue work. I want to get out for a half hour outside today for the sun it is supposed to get windy later so I figure I'll hussel on the chores. I sweated pretty bad in my 10min workout haha so Im due for a shower too. so the plan is chores. then some outside time then makeing spegehetti for lunch before a shower then likely nap time. so if I can get my nap by 2ish thayll give me least an hour. I got the email for the consulation on Monday too so I have that to fill out as well so where does that fit in my day? I also need to make a grcoery list. so guesss I need to get busy.

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