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2021-04-09 07:29:05 (UTC)

Literally just had the most deranged dream experience

So I was having a bad dream where there was loud noises and lots of fighting and family members being hostile towards each other
And my mom and sister were there and I really wanted to be by my moms side and she for some reason had just disappeared out of nowhere and I couldn't find her
I was aware I was dreaming by that point, I just wanted to find her, even if she wasn't really her
(I just felt if I could find her that I would feel safer)

I started calling for her and thought I saw her and caught up to her only for the person to turn around and be some stranger with her hair
This stranger was walking with two other people and I started following them because I was curious and it felt like I wasn't supposed to and I'm kind of a sneaky snoopy bitch
And when I say it felt like I wasn't supposed to, I mean it felt like a great force in my dream didn't want me to go in the direction in which I was going
But I was playing naive and didn't want it to come across like I knew I was dreaming

I was kind of hounding the trio of friends about how I wanted to see my mom, which was still true
I followed them down a street I felt like I wasn't supposed to go down and into an alleyway that very much had a liminal space vibe and came across very separate from the rest of the dream
And then they disappeared into the alleyway
it was like an alleyway-hallway mashup, it was white and the further back it went, the brighter the white was
And just as I started to walk down this strange alleyway A GIANT BLACK SCREEN POPPED UP and said
"It's time for you to wake up now." AND THEN I LITERALLY JOLTED AWAKE

WHAT THE HELL. I am thoroughly spooked. What the hell was that???

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