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2021-04-08 23:33:41 (UTC)

Don't put me on speaker 😈

Whoops. So.... something happened today that came with a little drama. Pretty funny actually but hey, all my friends know that I have no filter. And that friend forgot. So today, I was talking to Heidi. I didn't realize she had me on speakerphone. Big mistake. I was so very busy but the group had a lot of stuff planned this weekend and I finally got the 411. We rented out a whole sitting for a movie this Friday night. Movie sucks so I'm not really interested in that one. Saturday, we'll be going hiking to Bassi Falls. Then out wine tasting right after. Heidi asked if I could book a tasting at the winery I'm a member at. We now have a table for six at Mira Flores this Saturday. Told the gang I have a gym session at 8AM so they'll set the hike up for 10:30AM so I can go too.

Then, I got to talking about the Maui trip. Told Heidi that I may want to go but if I do, it'll be on a Tuesday till Sunday. That following Monday, I need to drop off my truck for the regear that I want to do. But I told Heidi that it'll be a somewhat dark environment since she is breaking up with her guy. I don't want to be around that kind of stuff. Avoid bad situations before it happens if possible. She immediately tried to shut me down and we got cut off. Well, I found out later that she was on speakerphone and her son and boyfriend heard me. Holy moly!!! So she had to wiggle her way out of that conversation with her bf. I only mentioned it because she was the one that mentioned it in the first place. She was going to break up with him but didn't because it was near Easter. Then I mentioned that the trip is coming up, so will she break up after that? That's when she looked at the timeline and now thought she'd have to break up after that. She did say her teenage son is starting to get along with him and he too heard me talking. Well, that was messed up!! She should know how I speak and she should tell me I'm on speakerphone because I am very open with my thoughts and feelings.

She texted me later telling me what happened. Then she tried to tell me she was going to try and give him a chance and talk to him and all that stuff. Blah blah blah blah. Told her that she sang a different tune when she was speaking to me last week. I don't care whether or not she says with him. I'm her friend and that's her life. She does what she does and it doesn't effect my life so I'm ok with it. I told her that too and she says she understands where I'm coming from. I also told her that this may be a blessing in disguise. This may push whatever issue they have over the top or for a chance to rekindle their life. She did say she hasn't had sex in like 8 months. Told her that living with a man under the same roof and not have sex is impossible (As bf gf or man and wife of course). Not family or a roommate situation. I'm a man and I'm older than her bf and even on a slow week, I still want it 4 times a week. Daily if the gf can handle it but anyway, she tells me that even when they do have sex, it's not even worth it because she doesn't get her happy ending. hehe. That's how close we are. We can talk about things like this even thought we're the opposite sex. She is good at times to show me a true woman's insight on life. At least from her point of view so I at least understand one woman's outlook on things.

I do have another very interesting thing that happened but I will save that for a later post. At least I found it to be very interesting. For now, I'm good. Today's post is enough. Good night diary and whomever else can't sleep and is reading my post out of boredom. Gnight y'all :)