This Is It - 2021
2021-04-08 00:00:00 (UTC)

Spring Work


Surprising no one, I wanted more squishes. So I finally worked myself up to going to the nearest Five Below (which is still a bit away). And they had their usual bucket full of them, but they only had the spring and Disney ones. Which are cute, but I'm not sure how set on them I am (But I'm also not NOT set on them, the turtle is very cute)

The professor for the class I have the lowest grade in right now released an extra credit activity for us to do by the end of the month. It's literally just recommend a movie and explain how it's relevant to the class and your grade increases like 2 points it's great. Just gotta figure out what movie to pick now...

Oh and, not to like, name-drop candy brands right now, but just in case you thought they might be (I did) Trolli's peach rings and Harabo's peaches are NOT the same thing but different shapes. X( Heart been broke so many times...

Let's hope I sleep better than I did last night and don't wake up all achy again. Starting to feel like an old man...

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