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2021-04-08 23:53:23 (UTC)

Random Assortment - March 2021

Digging in by Hot Mulligan [was recommended on TikTok; I liked it the first couple listens, sort of, but it quickly became annoying]

dogs by Nouns [still LOVE this song omg]

Cabinet Man by Lemon Demon

Oh Ana by Mother Mother [went thru Mother Mother phase at the start of March]

Love and Truth by Mother Mother

Body of Years by Mother Mother

Hayloft by Mother Mother

Try to Change by Mother Mother

Wisdom by Mother Mother

Got a Call by Land of Talk [so good]

Stray Dog by Horse Jumper of Love [a POEM of a song]

Deep, Deep by Have a Nice Life [I think this is the song that goes like "Jesus Christ, why is love so lonely?" It's nice]

Milk & Honey by Billie Marten [a comforting sad song]

Shogeki by Yuko Ando [ending song for Attack on Titan, lol, it's so pretty...]

Bосемь by ssshhhiiittt!

strangers by Car Seat Headrest

THE THIRD EYE (fool on cool version) by the pillows

Kicking Cars by Panchinko


爆裂パニエさん (Bakuretsu Panie San) by tricot

パラノイドパレード (Paranoid Parade) by Kinoko Teikoku [This genre is described as shoegaze/dream pop!! it's so beautiful, i ended up liking this band and particularly this EP a decent amount]

国道スロープ (Kokudō slope) by Kinoko Teikoku

More Like You by Orla Gartland [a TikTok musician. I love finding new music so I checked it out this month but never really got attached]

Halation by Miki Matsubara [p good]

I'm sorry (I drank all of ur wine) by Swordes [Kinda reminds me of Matt's music a bit! But tbh I like his more. This is another TikTok artist]

Mothamor by Swordes [was trying to get a broader idea of her music]

Fighting in the Car by joe p [Another TikToker! Difference being, I was waiting awhile for this song to get released on Spotify because he previewed the beginning and it was good. However, I was oddly disappointed... It reminds me a lot of Kevin Devine, which is not a bad thing, but I'm not a particularly big fan; like, I enjoy Kevin Devine for having particular portions of songs that are REALLY good, enough that I listen to the whole song just to get there. Thinking of Cotton Crush where I can enjoy the whole-ass song just to get to the part where his voice sort of almost breaks when he's like "maybe that's good, maybe we need to be hollowed, to get up and grow, to stop fucking around. To kick off our braces and start straightening out. Let's sift through the static for the simplest sound"—I remember allll of that off the top of my head because it was so fucking good.

Anyway. This song is Kevin Deviney. Which, fine. Just not a huge fan. I think part of me had expecting the song to be more lo-fi than it was, so I was disappointed by the higher production value—I, historically, am a huge fan of the shitty n' gritty of stuff.

The lyrics in this song were also not particularly amazing. They weren't bad! But maybe a bit dramatic at times, which rubbed me the wrong way. Hard to pin down and I'm getting really tired cuz I took a melatonin awhile ago..

Still, it's a good sign I'm this invested in decoding my own interest/disappointment in the song, because that means I see a lot of potential in it and it means that joe p is someone I should keep an eye onnnn!]

Amamizu by Masakatsu Takagi [cute and comforting]

No Woman by Whitney [remembered it from forever ago]

Feel the Way I want by Caroline Rose [eh]

There was more, but I ended up adding them to my April playlist because I wanted to keep listening, so I won't list them here.

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