my life is a mess that i can't escape
2021-04-08 19:39:55 (UTC)

next time

Today, I woke up late. Actually, I'd have joined my first classes, but I didn't want to. First lesson was English, and I saw one of my memories in my dream. 2 Years ago, one of my "friends" was chosen for an event with foreign speakers. I had envied her so much, because I was as good as her. Then, she had disqualified during the event. Because she had been drunk. Probably, my teachers were disappointed. They can choose me next time. I'm not sure.
Instead of joining English class, I studied maths. Then, I played Sims. I also didn't join online maths class. Becuse I went to the optician with my mom. She bought her new glasses. By the way, the guy who sells glasses was left handed. I love left handed people, and I also use my left side especially when I was alone. Otherwise most of the people around me think that I'm a devil. So, I had to fill the form about our glasses shopping with my right hand. Yeah, I'm a kind of ambidexterious. Maybe next time, Iı can use my left hand in front of people. Actualy, it isn't important to me.
Then, I came home. While I was coming to home, I was chased by lots of dogs. It was exhausting.
In the evening, I joined 2 of my online classes. After that, I was going to talk with my friends, but we didn't. We can talk maybe next time. So, I ate dinner and studied again. After writing this diary, I'll play Sims again lol :D