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The Importance of Being Earnest...and Frank
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2021-04-08 16:25:45 (UTC)

Dead Heroes, Daughter Walking

Dead: My mother-in-law died. She gad a botched operation where they knocked her bladder or something, had to use that bag for waste 2 years ago and it kind of went downhill from there. Eventually she was hospitalized again, her body started breaking down and yeah. Wifey and the girls had talked to her a few weeks ago, so that was good, Wifey knew it'd probably be the last time. In her 70's? First Nation, her biological Mom. Now, Wifey's biological and adopted parents are all gone...sad. She's not going up there, 2 weeks Mando quantine for Canada plus other shit. But teah, I called out last night for work and stuck around for moral support. It's Thursday morning now.

Heroes: Last night, gad a dream I was part of a group of not so much Heroes but normal people with powers, and some were douche bags. It was interesting but the last thing was a Mexican Stand off against to douchbags to the death, wanted to stay but I woke myself up from it. Also, in a different dream I acquired a bag of really good coke, had trouble getting rid of it and hoped I didn't get in an accident orca blood test and get fired from my job...only drugs and cigarettes in my dreams...that's real enough for me. Yes, irl I did them but a long time ago!

Daughter: I phoned her, said a door is always open for her to move here, she said maybe in July. Cool, Adjusting will be made, but we can swing it. Maybe COVID-19 won't be so crazy then too? Lots of variables but it can be done.

Walking: Gave the pups and good long walk around the neighborhood last night since I was home. I'll need more than that to lose this gut. It's like putting more cereal on leftover milk in your bowl, it never ends unless you toss that bowl against the wall, smashing it lol.

Thanks for listening!