taking heed

slightly exaggerated
2021-04-07 01:20:53 (UTC)


a bubble that you're inside of.
the bubble enhances and distorts how your senses perceive your environment. colours, smells, time, gravity, emotion, anything that can be perceived is refracted through the bubble.
people and things in the environment trying to pop my bubble. it's unpopable.
they can't see the bubble, only the right kind of eyes can. they can't see the bubble. they can't fathom.
they see my bubble struggles tho and make deductions but they haven't felt the bubble dimension. their deductions are damaging to me yet also meaningless. but it festers.
the bubble can turn on you. shrink wrap to your skin, make you feel on fire, make you feel nothing, rip your eyelids off, strip you naked, hit you with everything all at once, turn the volume to 11 on every single stimuli in your environment. feel the weight of each particle cumulatively forever.

a bubble dipping into human consciousness typically reserved for psychedelics. i choose bubble.

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