If I die today
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2021-04-08 06:35:10 (UTC)

cold coffee

Last night was restless even after 3 3mg quick release melation (of the crazy kind that gives me night mares) I may have drifred close to 10 I saw late into 2 oclack then in the 4 oclock hour I started to get moving. The wind is blowin today . I've already worked out and had coffee snakcs vitimains. Not in a hurry to do chores. yesterday went to the bank handled the business yes the funds are in . then nDea got a haircut but I had a cold Dunkin Donuts coffee from a gas startion bc the coffee in teh store was much I think that coffee over did me. I'm struggling to with these safeway brand peaches I tried them yesterday they are definly in some sorta syrup sugar and well they have an aftertaste. Theres a job posted on CL that matches well the maintiemnc here and its the same owners and this is how Ive known the owners to post before I'm super worried for nDea but its not my place to worry . I shared the ad with him last night so well will see. It could be for the other property but I'm not so sure. nDea has his faults when he is working and doing his job he's a skilled worker but he has faults. so thats that and the managment here well isnt anyone I would work for. Elarui in the office just well I know Id be fired if she was my boss. Anyhow plans to stay intoday bc wind nothing special planned as far as the evening. The latest on nDea situation is well at like 5 last night C started texting him about dinner I guess he had already told her he would help that day by 530ish another text and he did need to eat so he was gone by 6. I am more willing to believe nowdays that he wants to be with me and I know he has to eat. To me its overwhelming to thinkg where the line is on throwing her a bone thou bc an inch of attnetion she'll start to get all carried away. We have plans Friday for shopping and who knows. well I guess thats about as intersting as it gets for todayI odnt have much of a thought or message or anything really lingering to share secerltly that is weighin on me.

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