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2021-04-08 15:43:37 (UTC)


We had Book Club Wednesday evening. I didn't have my library card on me to check a book out after Book Club so I went back yesterday afternoon to get it. It's early Friday morning now : 01:47.
For Book Club, we are assigned to read a translated work so I chose : The Katharina Code, by Jørn Lier Horst. The book cover and title seem familiar to me. Pretty sure I've seen this novel before or even had it in my possession in recent years. I'm really enjoying it. Plus it's set in Norway ; a country that I'm interested in for several reasons.

Thursday was not a busy day. I'm getting run down lately since the flu and that incredibly busy time of getting the exhibit ready. I'm never going to work like that again.
Thursday was also a day of walking when I least wanted to. I walked on fibromyalgic pain all day. Legs not so sore now...
Exercise is good for fibromyalgia.

After I checked out the book from the library, I stayed on to begin reading my book and listen to music using the library's free wifi. We must have been among the few libraries around the country who charged for wifi use before making it a free hotspot. Unbelievable.

I'm making a mobile out of junk jewellery and yesterday, I finally got everything else I needed to complete piece. There are several hundred items to hang from the mobile frame which I made myself. What I needed was the means to hang it up from my ceiling over the dining table. Now all that remains is to assemble it : tie the several hundred pieces to the frame and balance it. That's the most time consuming part of the job. Each piece of jewellery is tied to the frame separately with fine, clear, nylon thread. I want the thread to be as invisible as possible, so that the pieces look like they're hanging in the air. Not only do I need to get the balance right, but the hanging lengths of the pieces too, and grouping, colour arrangements and sizes. It's meant to be a fun project, however, so far it's not been so much fun as it is stressful. Hopefully, the fun will come now.

I'm happier on my own now, than I have ever been before in life. This is really rewarding.

I have dates for legal consultations in place. Two separate matters ; one being the harrassment issue with three fuckhead males who happen to be living in this village. The sexual harassment has stopped. It's been hell for me getting them to stop. It's been hell going through the hell, of well over a year -AND MORE- of their bullshit behaviour.
I get fucked off hearing in recovery circles the abuse of principles : especially the principle of change.
This one gets heaved and thrown around constantly : You cannot change anyone but yourself. It's abused, because it gets applied wrongfully. Some situations require that change be externally applied to some individuals who are inherently unsafe to our communities. It is complete bullshit when this principle is applied to these individuals. When it is practiced with them, they mistake it for passive acceptance on my part, that their behaviour is okay. I get fucked off with others in recovery who preach their shit version of this principle of change to me. Go fuck yourselves all of you.
Their sexual bullying has stopped. I won't allow this kind of bullshit in my life now that I'm not accepting it. My hard work has paid off and for that I am extremely grateful. What these men have done now, is converted their sexual harrassment of me, into harrassment. They're a bunch of fuckers. So legal help it is finally.

No meetings this week after all.
I'll see when Sunday comes around. It really is a mental health holiday not being socially present in recovery circles. I have done social activities only this week.

Fell asleep before 17:00 p.m. last night and woke up about 23:30 p.m. Kitchen and bathroom windows open but at least the front door was locked.
I'm getting better at looking after myself security wise, now that it's not safe in the village for me.

Back to reading my book, then I need to shower, straighten the bed and try to get some more sleep.

Just finished a light dinner : low fat yoghurt and sliced peaches, followed by pasta spirals tossed in an Italian tomato pasta sauce. Might have a second helping...

And it's Good Morning from me, and Good Morning from New Zealand.

"The greatest little place down under."


"The jewel of the Pacific."