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2021-04-08 13:56:51 (UTC)

All my ducks in a row.

Today is a new day! a day to smile and feel grateful, sometimes there is so much burden on peoples lives today that we forget to be grateful. We go living on in a lack of conciousness in our lives that it is nearly imposible to say thank you. Meditating has brought me to a level of being aware of how I feel on a much deeper level, with all the beauty and ugly living in me, because that's what am searching to get at a place of balance, am so grateful for my essencial oils they have all the phisical and emotional benefits, Am just learning to use them the right way.
Any how on another note, am days away from our trip and my evaluation on this new certification am getting. And to be honest I feel mega nervious. But I know I'll do my best. I promise. My doughter is going to a intensive class to learn how to read and wright. She has shown to be eager to learn and with how busy I am at the moment I decided to find someone who will teach her efectivly.
I will began getting all things ready for our trip soon, since am also taking an intensive course on sells online and you just get bombarded with info. I want to make sure I have all my ducks in a row as my grandma use to say. Oh I almost forgot, I have a new follower, he sends me random messages asking how am doing, but I also think he is trying to get to know me, not sure if this is a good thing or not? but am not naive don't worry. Hope youall have something to feel grateful for this wonderful day!

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