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2021-04-08 13:56:04 (UTC)

At Home Today

Thursday, April 8, 2021
7:00 A.M.
Mood: Stable

It's 64 degrees at this hour. It's a very beautiful morning outside.

I slept well last night. It took me longer than usual to fall asleep and I had to take my second Seroquel early, but I feel rested this morning.

I have no appointments or errands to run today. My only chores are to do my dishes and take out the trash. I plan to be at home today as usual.

Yesterday, I received my Stimulus and a refund for an order of groceries that were never delivered. I'm glad to have money in the bank once again. I plan to use my Stimulus to pay down my credit card.

For much of the afternoon yesterday, I kept thinking about sending my son an email to ask him if they had a larger TV for me that had at least three HDMI slots and is Bluetooth capable so I can use my Beats Solo headphones with it. I want to be able to listen to my TV with headphones so I don't have to turn up the volume and disturb others. But I also thought that I can get by with the TV I have and I don't want to charge a purchase to my credit card, even if I am paying it down with my Stimulus. I've been getting by just fine with the TV I have, though it's often hard for me to hear all the audio. and no one has complained about the volume so far.

I plan to watch more coverage of the Derek Chauvin murder trial today. I have recorded shows I can watch as well. Tonight I'll be watching more episodes of  "Stargate SG-1". 

That's all I have for now. Peace and much happiness to all.