from my heart
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2021-04-08 01:11:29 (UTC)

things people dont know

2:11 am

played games with avaken and mitty all day today. i had a really fun time with them. even though they can make harsh jokes and we dont really share anything personal with each other, they are good friends.

i usually check my phone when i wake up and dont really have any messages which is ok but a sometimes mitty messages me randomly and it makes me happy. a few nights ago i woke up from my sleep to see that he had messaged me. he has a very subtle way of being there to make me feel better and i really appreciate it. with avaken, he never does anything too deep. that is what i like. with them i can be silly.

i can burp or laugh and make dumb commentary and they dont judge me for it. i just appreciate them a lot today because i have been feeling lonely lately