2021-02-13 09:36:11 (UTC)

Love your life...

So I have an amazing little family. I have 3 boys and 3 girls. I couldnt imagine life without all these children. I work fulltime as a waitress at my moms n dads Steak house. Above the surface I have it all but underneath the surface is another story. But life is what u make it and I have made it pretty rough for myself. I am ready to find the love of my life. I am so thankful for my kids father hes a good dad that loves his kids. Hes been such a wonderful husband to me and I am so grateful for all that hes shown me.He and I will always remain friends. But he is not the man for me. I know more than anything I deserve a man that cant wait to come home to me. I know I will find him maybe I already have maybe the man is sitting here in my house. The universe has just manifested all my negative thoughts. From this day foward I will no longer speak negativily about anyone I am forever grateful for the lessons n memories that people have shown me. I am so grateful for my husband opening my eyes to seeing me from his point of view. I am so grateful for all the kids he helped me make. These kids are so beautiful n sweet and loving.I really couldnt imagine not being there mom or joshs wife. Even tho he doesnt want me to be anymore and thats ok. I understand

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