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2021-04-08 00:12:12 (UTC)

He is my Home

The shield I had over my emotions was broke,
I turned around, consumed by fear of losing control over the last threads.
He pulled me into his arms and hugged me close.
So tightly.
The intoxicating smell of him lingered in my mind,
I immediately relaxed in those strong arms.
The melodies rhythm of his heart was the cherry on the top,
and I felt drifting away.
"Feeling better now," He asked.
His voice was just above a whisper,
but his voice sent a shiver to my spine.
I looked into his eyes,
His hypnotic gaze held my own.
His hands touched my skin and I instantly felt butterflies swirling around my stomach.
He smiled, bemused by mischievous acts of his own and my reaction.
He came closer and joined his forehead to mine and said
"I will always love you and I’m always with you, no matter what."
That moment I knew, I found it,
My heart and soul are home!

My Dew Drop.