True self
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2021-04-08 04:07:45 (UTC)

I grew up in a Indian family. ..

I grew up in a Indian family. Being a part of means you have to follow a lot stupid rules which i don't agree on.

Growing up, my mom wasn't around a lot. She used to work a nurse somewhere far. So I didn't had a female figure to learn things.

So I learned almost everything from my brothers. They taught me how to stand up for myself. What to do and what not to do.

But when you grow up in a place like india, people ask questions. You are a girl, you dont fight, you don't do that. Bla bla blaa....
I've been in many fights.
Just to protect myself and my friends.
And I get question like why did you do so?
You're a girl. Be calm. Girls don't fight.

So the answer to all the people who asked me this question is. I fight because I'm a girl....